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Casey Stoney & Megan Harris talk twins on Lorraine

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ITV: Lorraine - Casey Stoney and Megan Harris - 24/07/14

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England will host the Scandinavians at Hartlepool United’s Victoria Park stadium on Sunday 3 August (2pm kick-off).

If Fara Williams plays she will become England’s most capped player of all time, on 130 caps. The squad includes five players who hail from the North East – captain Steph Houghton, Hartlepool’s Jordan Nobbs, Lucy Bronze, Demi Stokes and Jill Scott. Kelly Smith and Casey Stoney have been rested and Sophie Bradley is out through injury.

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The Women’s Football Show 2014 - Episode 4 - Jacqui Oatley is joined by West Ham legend Julian Dicks, the new manager of the Hammers’ women’s football team and Lucy Bronze, who was recently named the PFA Player of the Year. Plus, a profile of WSL high flyers Birmingham and a visit to a Wales international who has hung up her boots temporarily for the chance of Commonwealth Games boxing glory.

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Notts County Ladies Football Club are alleged to have failed to find a stadium venue for their home game against Bristol Academy Women Football Club, which was scheduled to be played on the 29th June 2014.

In accordance with League rule 11P, the FA WSL Management Committee has awarded the three points to Bristol Academy Women FC as well as fining Notts County Football Club £500.

Notts County Football Club have been given 14 days to appeal the decision.

On announcement of the decision, Chief Executive of Notts County Ladies FC Luke Negus-Hill was disappointed with the decision and has vowed to appeal the verdict.

“I am still in shock that the FA have made such a decision. The majority of the clubs in the FAWSL do not own their own ground and reverse fixtures throughout the year, we ourselves have reversed 3 games this year alone. Bristol, on this occasion, where not able to do so and the pitch at Meadow Lane was sadly not ready to play on. The president set by the FA here will be interesting and could be detrimental to not only the league, but the development of Women’s football. Next year clubs could become strategic and not offer reversals knowing they will be allocated 3 points without kicking a ball, should they not be able to find another venue, it certainly appears that little thought has gone into that.

The FA allowed us to find another ground. We spent a lot of time and resources finding another ground to play at, which we did, Gelding Welfare Minors kindly agreed to let us use their ground. However, the FA rejected the quality of their facility, this being done without even visiting the ground. I would question this option regardless, the women’s game has been growing each year, to suggest playing one fixture in another ground completely de-values the product and makes the league look very amateur.

I think it is important to know that an alternative fixture date was agreed with Bristol, a date they where happy to play. However, the FA refused to allow the fixture to take place at a later date, imposing their powers over our club.

In such a short season, with only 14 fixtures, this could make a huge impact. For the first time relegation has been introduced to the FAWSL and decisions like this not only impact our league position but the jobs of the footballing staff. Just as with the men’s game, managers are now set targets and if they do not succeed, the worst could happen. The FA are making decisions that could impact people’s lives, that is not acceptable and nor is it considered.

We will be speaking to our legal team and looking into an appeal process, if we can, we will fight this decision every step of the way.”

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